Sunday, March 29, 2009

What a project!!!

This 23 Things is like a jigsaw puzzle. All the pieces have been dumped on the table and I am attempting to sort them out. With the puzzle, you usually start by looking for pieces that have at least one straight side, that usually indicates an edge pieces. When you get all the edge pieces together you have a frame in which to work. There are no edge pieces in 23 Things. Next you might get pieces of a similar color together, as these are connected, a tree or a house might begin to take shape. The thing is with 23 Things, each piece is made up of several other pieces, like those 3-D jigsaw puzzles.

Long ago and far away there was an instructional tool known as programmed learning. You were given one piece of information and then a second piece and then shown how they relate. Then a third piece of information was added and the relationship to the previous two pieces was given. This was continued until a complete concept was formed. I think if I could have started with just making a blog and understanding all the aspects of the blog creating program before going on to another program that added a new feature to the blog, then I might have been more successful.

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